1963 Alpine A110

Alpine started their success with sports-bodied Renualts which soon led to complete complete car construction. By 1965, Alpine struck an deal with Renault to distribute the A110 through official channels.

The A110, like its A106 predassor, featured a steel tube backbone chassis and fibre glass bodywork. Its rear mounted engine Renault Inline-4 was progressively upgraded each year. Starting with a 998cc unit, the car moved from 77bhp to 155 bhp by 1970.

The final version of the A110 was the 1970 1600S. In full competition trim, this car won the 1971 Monte Carlo Rally and the European Championship of 1970.

Specification listed is for the 1969 1600S road car.

Auction Sales History

1973 Alpine-Renault A110 1600S 18183 - sold for €128,800 Class winner at the 1980 Madeira Rally. Fitted with its correct, original engine. Recently refinished in its original and iconic colour.
Auction Source: 2015 Paris by RM Auctions


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