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    When reading about any car (both present or past models), would you generally be interested (for whatever reasons) in knowing its price such as the MSRP, or do you think it's not really important?

    Do you think that an encyclopedic article about a car model should have some information about the car's retail pricing?

    (I'm asking this for a discussion on Wikipedia -- everyone is welcome to join the discussion at )
  2. car pages have a MSRP field. I always gave it a glance, and definitely noticed when the feild was marked 'N/A'. I think the pricing is interesting, when reading about extraordinary cars.
  3. yeah i always look at pricing so i know just how much i will need to pay when i get the money <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  4. I do like to know the cars price, especialy if I want to buy it.
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    Thanks for the replies. Basically, Wikipedia doesn't currently have car prices in articles, eg:
    We're thinking about maybe adding price to the information table, but some people are thinking that it would be biased if we use say US dollar prices in the table as opposed to say Euro prices.

    So now I'm looking for external feedbacks -- would you still be interested to read about car prices in an encyclopedia if the prices are from the car's home country (in Euro/Pound/USD/Yen/etc)?
  6. I always like when prices are included. And USD prices would be best. Because I'm a USM.
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    i'd like it in australian dollars please <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    but seriously, US dollars would be the best cause everyone sorta knows how good their currency is vs us currency. I'd hate to try to convert from a bunch of different currencies when working out the price of a car.
  8. See, I suggested to other editors that using USD prices is ok because the US car market is so large and the US currency is well known anyway (I'm in Canada). For the sake of neutrality though I'm more interested in the opinions of non-Americans on this.
  9. OK one more question to everyone: would you also be interested in reading about retail prices of cars in the past, such as from the 1970's, when the value of money was quite different from today's (eg "MSRP: $1000"), or is that information not useful to you?
  10. im not american and i say have it in USD.
  11. useful: not really
    interestin: yes
  12. have something that hasnt really fluctuated in price too much over the years to compare it to maybe. Thats really the only way i can see it being useful. So you would have the price of the car and then the price of the other thing when the car was made. That way you have a direct comparison to something that stays pretty constant.
  13. Well I think having old prices might be useful for say historians or people who study economics (CPI, inflation, etc) who can look up the price of other things in other articles. Basically, if the car price field is created then it would exist for all car models, both present and past -- do you think that'd be a good idea?
  14. yes. Good idea,

    but what im saying is that you still keep the car field but have another field, say milk, something that everyone buys almost daily. you could say this car is worth 3000 bottles of milk. That way you can directly compare the price of a car to the general price of living.
  15. Yeah I agree that's one way to evaluate the price of old car prices. However I think other editors won't like having a "old milk price" field in the table because whatever item we choose it'd seem too arbitrary (maybe there can be a footnote instead).
  16. no. i have magazines for that.
  17. ok but if you didn't have the magazines and you happened to ran across an article about a car model, would having its price be interesting or helpful to you?
  18. Prices in general: the valuta doesn't matter, everyone with a brain can convert. Then locally the prices are different of course, but it's nice to see what something in the USA costs to get an impression.

    For older cars: If you want to state the price of an older car (say, 1970), then just put (1970) behind the price. That should be clear enough.
  19. australia is whack, we get reeemed up the arse with tax

    our cars are generally 2/3 more expensive then cars in america/europe
  20. So, as an Australian, would you be upset if an English encyclopedia used the US dollar MSRP in a car's specs table, for the purpose of standarization?
  21. You have cheaper cars than in Norway and Denmark.
  22. yeah i guess, but still they're way high. guess that's what you get for having your own automotive industry.
  23. no, retail prices are not even near the prices here.
  24. Seriously, if anyone wants to put the prices of a car in a Wikipedia article, make a pricing chapter like

    $ 15000 (USA) - May 2005
    &#8364; 14995 (Netherlands) February 2006
    &#8364; 12735 (Belgium) March 2006 etc

    That'd be clear enough, wouldn't it?
  25. You mean retail vs street prices in the US, or US prices vs other countries? (Having the retail price is a way to standarize the information because it doesn't fluctuate over time for a model year)

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