Ferrari F150 Caught Testing in Spy Photos

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    The upcoming successor to the Ferrari Enzo is known internally as the F150, and today our photographers snapped some pictures of the car testing, though it is still wearing heavy camo cladding.

    Teaser images of the car have already leaked along with specifications regarding the upcoming supercar. Power will come from a V12 engine and the brand’s F1-sourced HY-KERS hybrid system, which together will produce something like 900 hp, allowing the car a sub-2.5 second sprint to 60 mph.

    Thanks to a monocoque carbon fiber shell, weight will also be reduced compared to the current Enzo. That weight loss should improve efficiency as well.

    Despite the massive amounts of power, Ferrari claims that c02 emissions are reduced by 40 percent, compared to the Enzo it will succeed.

    The car is expected in spring of this year, and could make its first appearance at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.
  2. Yes, I know there's already a thread about this coming Ferrari, but since it's called F150 instead of F70, lets pick it up from here.
  3. Looks like a Noble.
  4. i understand this is camo and all but with a grill that massive how can you do anything but catfish? i hope they put some kind of cosmetic bracers in or something to break up that huge maw
  5. who here remembers the old Enzo mules?

    hella catfish in that too.
  6. Nice Ford. How much stuff can it carry?
  7. Ferrari Tough.
  8. Didn't Ford already sue Ferrari for using that designation? I'm getting deja vu.
  9. I havent heard this. I doubt ferrari will call this the F150, it will be a blatant infringement. Its like calling their new car the ferrari carolla.
  10. ya, the F1 car, F150.

    But like...this is an internal designation, yo.

    It's like, suing BMW for E39 infringement or someting.-
  11. Ah, that was it.
  12. Que fareri pickup joke

  13. it kinda looks like a pickemup truck in that first pick

    utility above all else, by ferrari
  14. can't wait for the harley davidson edition
  15. Raptor version is better.
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    New Details on Ferrari F150 Hit the Web after Private Preview, Said to have 950HP

    Ferrari has an old habit of showing off its future models to potential buyers (read extremely wealthy) behind locked doors well before it reveals the cars to the rest of the world.
    One such private preview is rumored to have taken place on Wednesday, in Maranello, where Ferrari lifted the wraps off the F150 Project, which is the codename for the Enzo replacement that may or may not be called the F70 in production trim.

    To prove that this event did indeed occur today in Ferrari's home town, one participant took a shot of a metal plate from the event, while at least two people have shared some very interesting details about the new mid-engine hypercar, though, keep in mind, there's no way of confirming the numbers (yet).

    We will begin with FerrariChat forum member SergioAutoform who said one of his clients invited to the event, shared this post on his Facebook page:

    "Just saw the F150 ( the new Enzo) official name not released yet. Overall view: only 499 will be produced. only available in 3 colour. 800hp at 9200RPM with additional KERS of 150HP. Zero to 100 in 3 second to 200 in 7 seconds. Max speed around 370KMH. Fiorano Best lap with Alonso driving 1:20. Numbering expected in less than 7minutes."
    "Fixed seat. Adjustable paddles. Rear Wing and mobile Diffuser. Break from 200 to zero. In 115 Meters. Weight around 1280 include the electrical engine of 150kg. Chassis totally made of Carbon Fiber. T800 and T1000 sheet. Kavler protected underneath. The car is breathtaking. If I was a Saint and she was a ***** it would make me certainly a Sinner."

    These numbers match another posting, this time at the Teamspeed forums:

    950 BHP plays 1,270 KG
    Bespoke V12 built to sound like a Formula One engine at full chat
    Engine Red-Lines @ 9,200 RPM but Max Torque available from 1,000RPM
    499 Cars @ EUR1.2 million
    Official Launch in Geneva
    Deliveries Commence December 2013
  17. Max torque @1000rpm
    I'm calling shenanigans
  18. This is coming from a prospective client probably. Could have misheard or just doesnt remember.

    Anyway, if the figures are remotely true, sounds like a proper beast of a car.
  19. what's a mobile diffuser? aero style?
  20. maybe tomorrow feb 1st... first pic!
  21. So it can use the KERS not only as boost, but also to aid pick up from standstill?

    Of course it can...
  22. thought it would weigh 1000kg? false promises
  23. 1270 kg sounds highly unlikely if it has a V12 + electrical engine.
  24. Yea what the hell was that enzo millechili bs all about. Did anyone even take them seriously with that? I thought it was weird for ferrari to make vaporware like that.

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