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    Well, I guess suzuki is leaving the U.S. market. Although I'm not surprised, it kind of makes me sad as I like the cars they currently make and would probably buy one if I actually had money.

    American Suzuki Motor Corp., the U.S. distributor for Japanese vehicle maker Suzuki Motor Corp., said it is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy-law protection and will stop selling new cars in the U.S.

    The move, which is no surprise to many in the car industry, is part of a restructuring plan under which Suzuki said it will focus on promoting its motorcycle, all-terrain-vehicle and marine engine businesses. The company made its name in the U.S. market through its fast and reliable motorcycles which have been popular since the 1970s. But its cars have never caught on here.

    Suzuki said its car division faced a number of “serious challenges” in the U.S. including poor sales, a limited number of models and unfavorable foreign exchange rates.

    Under the reorganization company said it will continue to honor its warranties and maintain a network of authorized parts and service outlets for its cars and light trucks.
  2. Yeah, sad but not unexpected. I can't really say that I like any of the cars they've offered here since I started paying attention to cars.
  3. Out of their current cars, I like the kizashi.
  4. It's not bad, I just don't know that it has anything going for it relative to any and all of its competition. And isn't it sort of tweener-sized between a compact and a midsize sedan?
  5. them and KIA/Hyunday should also disappear
  6. Except for kia/hyundai sell a lot of cars. Where as when I mention suzuki to people and they didn't even know they made cars.
  7. What?? I would buy a Kia or a Hyundai way before any Japanese car.
  8. I'm sorry.
  9. hey guys!
    just letting you know, this doesnt affect me!
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  12. Suzuki Swift Sport is great, but i'm guessing you didn't get that over there.

    Might even get one some day
  13. um kia/hyundai are killing it, and they make excellent cars.
  14. probably not, if its small and good we don't get it because "home owners" don't buy small cars. You'd be branded an effeminate virgin and beaten to death if you attempted to drive one.
  15. Yeah, this.

    I'd love an Optima.
  16. they're the 4th largest automaker in the world, they're not going to disappear.

    subaru will probably go bankrupt with all the ugly cars they're making, tho'.
  17. Actually, we don't get it because Suzuki have no facilities to build it here, and there's no profit in building it overseas and shipping it here.
  18. Actually, they built the crappy North American Aveo/Swift in Mexico.. so I don't know why it made sense to have a shitty unchanged in 15 years version for NA and have a fresh continually developed version abroad.

    It seems like every other globally present auto maker with models sold worldwide is able to re-tool their facilities every few years.
  19. Oh yeah, the Geo Metro. I forgot about that car.
  20. Yes everybody is trying to forget that car. So stop talking about it please
  21. .....have you guys actually driven a Suzuki Swift?

    The first gens were #$%#ing fun.

    Someone WILL back me on this.
  22. i had a 1987 chevy sprint, which pretty much was a suzuki swift. it was my first car. the hood release was on the outside of the hood. all four tires were spare sized. i drove it on a motorcycle track and high centered it on a table jump. it drover for about a year with no gear oil in the manual transmission at all because i didn't know what the hell that was.
  23. This.
  24. They are, but too bad they're almost non existant. I haven't seen one on the roads in proabably 3 years. But yes they are fun. My neighbor used to have the turbo model, which I think was badged as a chevy.
  25. All you need to know about Suzuki, GSXR1000


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