LS7 4 HSV GTS 10/07 SIMS + Scans

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  1. LS7 4 GTS 10/07

    This October at the Sydney International Motor Show, HSV will reveal Australia's most powerful production car ever. The LS7 equipped GTS will be like whoa. Dealers have already taken deposits.

    It's gonna kick some buttock.
  2. LS7 4 GTS 10/07

    USA # 1!!!1!!
  3. LS7 4 GTS 10/07

    pretty nuts

    wonder how much it will cost?

  4. LS7 4 HSV GTS 10/07 SIMS

    obvi not true, otherwise I would have posted it already
  5. LS7 4 HSV GTS 10/07 SIMS

    A dealer has suggested around $100k, but Wheels originally thought around $125k.

    It obviously won't be just the engine, I haven't read the rest of the article yet. I might scanz.
  6. LS7 4 HSV GTS 10/07 SIMS

    what?! SCANZ you plick!
  7. LS7 4 HSV GTS 10/07 SIMS


  8. LS7 4 HSV GTS 10/07 SIMS

  9. LS7 4 HSV GTS 10/07 SIMS
  10. holy Mc#$%#
    Simmo didnt lie!!!!!

    GTS should be Clubsport
    This should be GTS

    but I = <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A> anyway :D
  11. I don't #$%# around.
  12. I'm suprised they say 0-100 in 'only' 4.7 seconds.
    0.2 quicker than a 307kw GTS?
    I would think something more like 4.4 seconds surely?
  13. The stock GTS is probably struggling to get its power down to 100km/h, so the extra power wouldn't make that much of a difference.
  14. oh wow does ford anything that could match it? c'mon xr8t!
  16. To 100km/h, this bastard would just keep going though.
  17. It will in the 1/4 mile!
  18. They shouldve produced the monaro 427 roadcar!!!!!!!
  19. In Pontiac G8 please.
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    Words - Joe Kenwright

    HSV's supercar could now debut next year - as part of an upgraded anniversary range

    HSV's plans for an exclusive GTS-R 427 are firming up with news that the specialist car maker will also launch a new range of models timed to coincide with its 20th Anniversary and Holden's VE 'series II' upgrade around July next year.

    While the so-called GTS-R 427 will feature a version of the Corvette Z06's exotic dry-sumped 7.0-litre Le Mans-ready V8, a wider HSV range will debut with some set to receive new, higher performance engines.

    These new engines will deliver a substantial lift in power over the current 307kW LS2-engined 6.0-litre models. The new models will form the backbone of the maker's 20th Anniversary range.

    Though a GTS-R 427 is tipped to appear at October's Sydney Motor Show to kick off HSV's 20th Anniversary celebrations, it is believed customer deliveries will commence around July-August 2008 so they can coincide with the revised HSV range (more here).

    It is critical to HSV's bona fides in the $125K-plus marketplace that it avoids a model change in the middle of any super-sedan's production run. The company would not want a repeat of the VTII GTS 300.

    That model was previewed at the Sydney Motor Show in October 1999 but the first customer cars were not delivered until the end of March 2000.

    Buyers who thought they were taking delivery of a highly exclusive, $95,000 limited edition were suddenly faced with a cheaper, mainstream version of their new car just six-months later at the September 2000 VX facelift.

    With the decision to push ahead with a powered-up 'mainstream' range, the low-volume, dry-sump LS7-powered GTS-R 427 has now become more of a repackaging exercise of existing, straight out of the box Corvette Z06 hardware.

    This 'packaging' is still being finalised according to our sources. Although the hardware will include a new oil pan casting specific to the GTS-R 427 (to clear VE chassis hardware), the HSV application will still need to retain the twin oil lines that enter and exit on the driver's side of the engine.

    In the Corvette ZO6, these short oil lines lead to a 9.0-litre vertical oil tank (pictured) that sits on the firewall where the hardware for right hand drive would normally be.

    As the GTS-R 427 is a potential export earner in both left and right hand drive versions, HSV's installation of the dry sump components will need to suit both applications.

    One option is to swap the location of the tank from side to side according to the market and re-route the oil lines to suit.

    The other is to modify the radiator area and locate the tank in a central position ahead of the engine. That said, HSV would be keen to avoid crash-testing issues generated by the presence of a hardpoint (ie: the oil tank) in this vital crash zone.

    The other issue is the transmission. It is now feasible that HSV will offer the ZO6's transmission without modification and simply restrict the towing capacity as has been the case with a range of earlier muscle cars from Ford and Holden.

    The advent of a 'powered-up' mainstream HSV range adds weight to this scenario. Because the GTS-R 427 won't be the only high-powered model as part of HSV's new 2008 range, reduced or zero towing capacity should not be an issue if the GTS-R 427 can be marketed as a highly specialised road and track package.

    The go-ahead for the GTS-R 427 also resolves other issues for HSV in time for a 2008 launch.

    The decision to eliminate the base ClubSport from the current E-series range and rebadge it as the ClubSport R8 was made at the very last minute. It was not a decision universally-supported by owners and certain HSV insiders when the model intended to be the ClubSport R8 was also rebadged at the last minute as the GTS.

    Right up until the 2006 release of the E-series range, senior HSV people were still claiming that the GTS name would be retired and revived only when a drivetrain worthy of the badge was ready, hence the expectations of a more mainstream 7.0-litre GTS model.

    The latest GTS-R 427 strategy creates too big a gap over the current GTS so it is believed that the GTS is set to return to its earlier status as a special model with a special engine mid-way in performance between ClubSport and GTS-R 427.

    HSV sources indicated last year that HSV has options on a range of engines and technology not yet revealed in the US including supercharged variations and capacities in between the current LS2's 6.0-litre and the LS7's 7.0-litres.

    While an elite $100,000 plus model is undoubtedly on the HSV agenda, its projected tiny volumes cannot distract HSV from its core business which is still in the $60-90,000 range.

    There would be no point in introducing the GTS-R 427 as an overpriced replacement for what was supposed to have been the GTS all along. Instead, the GTS-R 427 allows the company to add a third tier to its SWB range, starting with an affordable ClubSport range, a more special GTS performance model and a highly exclusive GTS-R race-bred model.
  21. sounds like the other HSVs will get the LS3 <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/confused.gif"></A>
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