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  1. since i was a member at
    i had these two
  2. then the S3 was sold and i got this when i was in boston
  3. with all the problems with the ford and the lack of aftermarket products for the car, i then sold it to get this. ben &jerrys kick ass. i got it up to 520hp with a nice heads and cam package from cartek, titanium exhaust from corsa and kooks headers. the car was fun to drive but traction was always a problem.

  4. when i left the u.s and came back home, i had the porsche and got it tuned even further to 600+hp. it was crazy and a #$%#in powerful car. getting caught doing 331kmh by the cops is no added bonus either.

    I bought a ford crown victoria and tuned it. i crashed it doing 180kmh and got recovered from the accident so it was time to drive something safe. so this was the ride. only mods it has is a kicker sound system
  5. my dad liked the 7 series but he couldnt make up his mind. he wanted white on beige and blue on beige but he didnt know what to take so this was the result and no i am not proud of this
  6. my spoilt brother wanted a car even though he cant drive and at that time he was only 12 so he begged for a range rover and they got him one. the car on the right is my dad's dream car/favourite car. he thinks lexus is the best car in the world
  7. on march 23rd 2005, turbo freak got married. when my dad got married, his dad bought him a rolls royce. he could never forget his reaction so he decided to pass it along to his son and this was the result.

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    in may to finally purchase a car i have always wanted and for the first time i can say that this was from my own money. It was purchased through LPE and has 550+hp and 580lbs of torque.
    a nice vid of the car
    and no this isnt cold start
  9. i'll admit, if it wasnt for my dad, i wouldnt enjoy any of this. this was a new addition to the family. not my car but my wife's car
  10. i enjoy #$%#in up this car every now and then. this is the rolls royce dealer's car. its a loner car they give you if you service your ferrari/maserati/rolls royce.

    its fun to drive but not as exciting as you'd think
  11. here are really bad quality pics taken from a 1.3 megapixel camera phone at that time. turbo and cousin's murc.
  12. here's another friend's rides. P996T should own that lexus
  13. and here are the last pics. if you want to see more of the carrera GT testing then i will post pics. porsche decided they want to test the car in the worst conditions so what better then the desert track? the car sounds better then the enzo imo.

    Today i picked up two new rides. my range rover which i wanted for so long, and my mom's s-class. i'll post pics later on. right now i need to go enjoy the range rover. oh btw its a supercharged sport redish maroon with black interior. the red phantom is something i saw in dubai
  14. Insane dude ! Do you drive the RR ? I love the Phantom . So much more classy than a maybach !
    What are you doing in Bahrein ? Working with your Dad ?

    But more importantly , congrats on getting married ! Thats crazy ! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
    Hows the married life ?
    When is ur 599 ready ?
  15. well thats just downright awesome.
  16. Holy shit dude, thats crazy/awesome.
  17. Yeah i drive it on the weekends. most people who dont know me, think i drive my dad's car but they have no idea. my dad has never driven the phantom and thats because he doesnt want to be like his friends. here let me post a pic of his friends' cars parked outside our house(pic one).
    When i went to the mercedes dealer in the phantom to pick up the s-class, they insisted on me test driving a maybach and ofcourse i acted like a stuck up rich kid and said 'what the hell, i will give it a go' they have no idea how bad i wanted to drive it. I liked it and it was faster then the phantom and yes it has those recliner chairs but then the s-class stearing wheel and buttons were a bit bad. i mean spending so much money and having something that looks like a old s-class from the inside was a little akward. Second thing is that when i saw the maybach next to the s-class, you can just say the new s-class is a cheaper maybach. the rear looks the same except for the carrera4S style rear lights. Oh and what i thought was the more kick ass option in the car was that when you have your lights on, you see the maybach emblem on the road and thats because inside the buld is a maybach emblem on each light so when you put the lights on, not only will people notice the car but also the emblem infront of your car on the rooads. But when we went on the public roads, i can remember only one person who actually looked at the car. i think he was the only one who knew what it was.
    the salesman asked me not to floor it and i acted like i didnt hear him and i was impressed with the way it moved. much better then the phantom but then after driving it i thought of the difference between the two rides and it comes down to three reasons why i wouldnt want a maybach.
    1- nice recliner chairs and nice sunroof but i am the one driving so I would go with something that has all the gadgets up front.
    2- performance is amazing when you talk about the maybach, but the fact that it takes everything the s-class has is ridiculous. i can name only one thing that shows you that the phantom is part of bmw and thats the idrive system but still that idrive screen is hidden behind a clock and the mouse rouse button is hidden under the compartment. you click the compartment and the mouse button comes right up and at the same time the clock turns and the idrive screen is displayed. you can say james bond shit.
    3- and finally its all down to class. a person in a maybach is recognized as a buyer who just bought a very expensive s-class where as the phantom wants to be as different as any car on the road. here is something funny, when i first got the car and opened the fog lights, i went out of the car to see how they look like. turns out the square lights are the fog lights and the round lights are the bi-xenon. you also have two setting for the brake lights.

    I have a problem with keeping a car stock, its just impossible for me so here are the rims that will go on phantom when i get the tires for it. 26 inch rims and i tried my best not getting something too bling bling(pic two)

    So far in bahrain i am working with my own business which i am a dealer in arcade games. i deal with the u.s/u.k/japan/china. other then that i do have another day job and yes sometimes when my dad has a big deal, i butt in and be a part of it so i can grab some cash for myself lol.

    married life is amazing and i am having fun right now thank god, you should try it too andrew <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    about the 599, i have until next week to decide on the color. I am going to fly out to dubai in a couple of days because the ferrari dealer has a yellow with blue interior monza and i want to check it out. if i like it then i will order that for the car otherwise i will stick to red with red. ironic huh? 3 years ago i loved pissing off ferrari fans and now i am part of the gang. still i would never support F1 ferrari team. schumacher's crash last race costed me money. i told my friends that if schumacher crashs then thats the only reason i would take them out to blue elephant (its a ridiculously expensive restaurant but the most fun is outside the restaurant when you see all the exotic cars. when i had the porsche they wouldnt let me park up front but when i went in the rolls i was just behind the noble and infront of the aston martin. all this does is attracts the ladies and makes them ask who are the owners lol) so i just spent about a thousand usd on food which sux cause i didnt really think the #$%#er would actually crash and whats more annoying is that everyone got laid except me.

    enough about me, andrew you need to get married man, you also need to steal that enzo from your dad and tell him you will return it after the honeymoon. all i got for my wedding was a lousy barracuda
  18. That's great dude! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/amazed.gif"></A> What kind of job does your dad do? Oil? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>
  19. real estate
  20. Nice, real estate is quite interesting imo...
  21. Nice thread. But you obviously didn't try too hard when it came to choosing un-blinged wheels, I mean 26in and chrome <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>

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