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  1. No, Ferraris weren't ugly in the 80s.
  2. Shelby drove for Maserati and Aston martin = passion.
  3. relative to all other ferraris, yes they were.
  4. is Volkswagon. What's your #$%#ing point?
  5. The 308/328 shape is timeless.
  6. You just got owned like a beotch
  7. The green one is #$%#ing perfect.
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  10. Or the pump.
  11. Seriously, 328, Testarossa and F40 are like my favourite Ferraris ever.
  12. Yep I actually did, I forgot about the testarossa

    but the 328 and F40 would be ugly as hell if they didnt have a prancing horse on their hoods.
  14. Nope. You're plain wrong. The F40 could have any badge on the front and still be lots of people's most favourite car ever.
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  17. Carroll Shelby will attach his name to anything for a profit. As long as that man is alive it seems his reputation gets worse and worse. This woman is not some angel, she's his victim. And that is too bad, putting his name on a car used to mean something.
  18. I'm glad somebody in the automotive CEO world isn't an asshole. And i don't think it could have happened to a better guy than Shelby. I can't imagine how horrible it would have been for him to die knowing he had screwed over 170 loyal customers and left his busniess in shambles. Less stress might also get a few more years out of him =P
  20. Like you do.
  21. There were a fair number of cars that were decent looking. But almost all of them have the 80s ghetto fabulous look to them, even if it's in a good way.
  22. While I don't disagree with you about him being willing to whore his name out, so what. Every car he has done was pretty damn good for it's time. Like I said the cars he did for Dodge were awesome for their time.

    What is someone supposed to do, turn down a deal to make one of the best performance cars that will be in production just because 60s cars were faster because there were no emissions laws? No. That is obviously retarded. At the time there was nothing "lowly" about that car. If you don't get that, then you're a retard.
  23. Yes, the Shelby Series One was one great success, always to be remembered as a great car. Oh, no-wait, no it wasn't. Neither were the claimed warehouses of CSX's he "found" in the late 90's which were allegedly forgotten for 35 years, only for people to expose him and prove they were made in the last 5 years. I also like his associations with those douchebags Funkmaster Flex and West Coast Customs in their continued efforts to mock real car guys. Yes, it all adds much credence to his stature today. He obviously cares about the cars still. Obviously.
  24. Meh. I'm a horrible capitalist, and I don't have a problem with people whoring themselves out for money. If I was him I'd rather have an extra mil in my bank account than a minute bit more street cred. And like I said, have any of the cars ever been BAD for their time that he's worled on? No. So #%[email protected] about him whoring himself out, and some shifty business dealings, but he hasn't made any shit cars.

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