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1955 Ferrari 735 LM

1955 Ferrari 735 LM

In 1955, Ferrari’s faith in four and 12-cylinder cars began was under question by Lampredi who designed a 6-cylinder engine. The body and chassis was similar to that from the Mondial Series II.

The first six-cylinder was raced at the 1955 Buenos Aires 1000km in January. Known as the 376 S, 280 bhp was possible from the 3.7-liter engine. After Piero Trauffi won the Giro de Siclia, the cars were outfitted with a 4.4-liter engine that was one of most powerful in 1955.

Called the Tipo 121, the 4.4-liter engine was capable of 360 bhp. Fed by 58mm Weber carburetors, three of these engines were fitted into cars for the 1955 season. Eugenio Castellotti drove a 735 LM at the Mille Miglia.

All three 735 LMs were sent to the 24 Hours of Le Mans


In Detail

submitted by Richard Owen
type Racing Car
built at Maranello, Italy
engine Inline-6
valvetrain DOHC 2 Valves / Cyl
fuel feed 58mm Weber Carburetors
displacement 4412 cc / 269.2 in³
bore 102 mm / 4.02 in
stroke 90 mm / 3.54 in
compression 8.5:1
power 268.5 kw / 360 bhp @ 6000 rpm
specific output 81.6 bhp per litre
bhp/weight 423.53 bhp per tonne
driven wheels Front Engine / RWD
front brakes Hydraulic Drums
rear brakes Hydraulic Drums
curb weight 850 kg / 1874 lbs
wheelbase 2400 mm / 94.5 in
front track 1278 mm / 50.3 in
rear track 1284 mm / 50.6 in