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1965 Dodge HEMI Coronet A990 A/FX

1965 Dodge HEMI Coronet A990 A/FX

Built, January 13th, 1965 at the Dodge Lynch Road, Michigan assembly plant as a 426 Hemi A990 Coronet Super Stock.

Originally shipped along with factory fiberglass fenders, doors, hood, bumpers and deck lid to Western Dodge Sales & Service of Owensboro, KY on January 25th in 1965 on behalf of David Heath. David had worked closely with “Dyno” Don Nicholson since 1961 and began racing Don’s old ’61 409 car when Nicholson got a new ’62 model. This A/FX Hemi ’65 was to be his own entrance into the big league like his mentor “Dyno” Don. He would soon be given his chance racing against other famous racers like Butch Leal aka “The California Flash”.

This car is a true representation of Mopar race history as it retains its correct ORIGINAL 12-64 dated 426 Hemi engine with Alcoa marked factory aluminum racing heads, aluminum oil pump, transisterized ignition, aluminum racing oil pan, original standard bore with factory high dome pistons (except for 1 cylinder fitted with .005 over original factory piston), forged steel crank, original Prestolite distributor, original S&S A/FX headers and topped off with the Hilborn injection unit that was fitted to the car during its racing career.

Behind this awesome original powerhouse is the Art Carr race prepared ( and marked) torque flight transmission with the correct original A990 stall speed torque converter. John Griffith working in conjunction with his father, Racing ledgend and historian Larry Griffith have teamed up to completely disassemble, inspect and meticulously document and reassemble this engine.(Larry was the original recipient of a new 1965 A990!) Their direction and relentlous efforts to document and conserve this most historic A/FX Dodge through every step of the preservation of this extraordinary example of the most original car of its type.

This car is agreed by experts as being the most original 1965 A/FX Dodge in existence today. Don Heath personally identified this as being the “7th Dodge A/FX and the 13th AFX Mopar”. He boldly painted “7 Dodge/13 Mo Par” on both of the roof pillars as a self proclamation of his tenacity and racing competiveness! See the photos.

Once on display in the Floyd Garrett’s Muscle Car Museum (See Photo) and featured in Mopar Magazine and Muscle Car Review Magazine. Included is Chrysler Historical and Galen Govier Documentation.

Story by Mecum Auction Inc.

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