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1977 Mooncraft SHI-DEN A

1977 Mooncraft SHI-DEN A

1977 Mooncraft SHI-DEN A


The original SHI-DEN was made in 1977, for the Fuji Grand Champion Series race, and was called “SHI-DEN 77”. The car was a big surprise for the race field for its elegant modern stream-lined body cowl, designed by Takuya Yura.

After loads of wins at GC, Noritake TAKAHARA’s next target was racing GC by his original car. The maximum speed was focused on with SHI-DEN as targeting at only Fuji circuit, so it was designed in closed body to achieve less drag. SHI-DEN’s chassis was designed by Motoyasu MORIWAKI. Results, however, were not good despite of its elegant appearance.

With the chassis switched to March with the rotary engine, SHI-DEN_A had dull nose and short tail. The main concept was broken down and it became an unbalanced car.Finish its life in the big crash at Fuji 1000km race.

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