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1987 Callaway Corvette B2K Twin Turbo

1987 Callaway Corvette B2K Twin Turbo

1987 Callaway Corvette B2K Twin Turbo

Offered from 1987 to 1991, the RPO-B2K upgrade was available from any Chevrolet dealer and also Callaway’s first major Corvette tuning program.

Chevrolet was interested in Reeves Callaway after his successful Alfa V6 tuning and requested a similar program for the fourth generation (C4) Corvette. Together, they made the upgrade package a Regular Production Order (RPO) which was the first time GM had outsourced such an option to a specialist manufacturer. It even had a factory back warranty.

All cars were sent to Callaway’s facility in Limerock CT and were outfitted with the Twin Turbo package. The total cost of the upgrade was $19 999 USD which was added to base cost of a coupe ($27 999) or convertible ($33 172).

The B2K option was primarily an engine upgrade, but was comprehensive and used over 2000 new parts. The engine itself got new forged pistons, crankshaft, better lubrication system and four bolt main bearing caps. The induction system required a secondary injection system to retain the original emissions and fuel injection system.

As the C4 updated, so did Callway’s program. By 1988, the B2K was pushing 382 bhp and 562 ft. lbs. of torque. This was also met with a price increase which eventually topped out in $33 000 by 1991. Optionally available were 5-Spoke Dymag Wheels.

Later derivatives included the 880 bhp ‘Sledgehammer’ which went on to reach 254 mph. By the time Callaway stopped the B2K program in 1991, over 500 Corvettes had been converted. It was replaced by the Speedster.

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In Detail

type Professionally Tuned Car
built at Old Lyme, Connecticut, USA
price $ $ 50,865
engine Twin Turbo V8
position Front Longitudinal
aspiration Twin Turbo
valvetrain Pushrod OHV
displacement 5733 cc / 349.8 in³
bore 101.6 mm / 4.0 in
stroke 88.4 mm / 3.48 in
compression 7.5:1
power 257.3 kw / 345 bhp @ 4000 rpm
specific output 60.18 bhp per litre
bhp/weight 221.72 bhp per tonne
torque 630.5 nm / 465 ft lbs @ 2800 rpm
body / frame Fibreglass over Steel Chassis
driven wheels RWD
wheel type Optional 5-Spoke Dymag
front tires 275/40ZR17
rear tires 275/40ZR17
front brakes Vented Discs w/ABS
front wheels F 43.2 x 24.1 cm / 17 x 9.5 in
rear wheels R 43.2 x 24.1 cm / 17 x 9.5 in
steering Rack & Pinion w/Power Assist
curb weight 1556 kg / 3430 lbs
wheelbase 2443 mm / 96.2 in
front track 1514 mm / 59.6 in
rear track 1534 mm / 60.4 in
length 4483 mm / 176.5 in
width 1803 mm / 71 in
height 1186 mm / 46.7 in
transmission 4-Speed Manual
gear ratios 2.88:1, 1.91:1, 1.33:1, 1.00:1
final drive 3.07:1
top speed ~247.8 kph / 154 mph
0 – 60 mph ~5.0 seconds
0 – 100 mph ~12.4 seconds
0 – 1/4 mile ~13.7 seconds

1988 Chevrolet Corvette Callaway Convertible B2K Package 1G1YY3186J5102255 – sold for $2,500 Callaway Twin Turbo RPO B2K package original cost of $25,895 for this option. 1 of 125 built. GM used this car to promote the Callaway for 1 year. Original Callaway documentation. Even more rare being a convertible. This is the actual car that appeared in Playboy. Owner history includes the HaggenDas Family. From private collection and museum from original owner. 93,240 actual miles.

1991 Corvette Callaway Speedster Series 500 Twin Turbo 1G1YY3383M5114610 – did not sell for $100,000 The Mini Sledge 1 of 12 Callaway Twin Turbo Corvettes were built with the 500 package. Callaway Twin Turbo #501. One of only a handful of Series 500 RPO B2K Callaway Corvettes. Unique Periwinkle Purple paint. Offered from the original owner’s collection. 10,226 actual miles. Original purchase agreement and financing contract.

1991 Chevrolet Corvette Callaway Convertible – sold for $33,000 This is a very well documented vehicle, has been featured in several publications, has been selected as a Celebrity Pick at Carlisle 2002, and participated in the 2004 Special Collection at Bloomington Gold (a coveted and prestigious honor). In early 2004 this Twin Turbo Corvette was completely restored and upgraded by Callaway Cars (a $25K project), with approximately 3000 miles since. This car has been autographed by Reeves Callaway and come with a body color hard top, full documentation, and copies of all publications it has appeared in.

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Auction Source: 2011 Mecum Kissimmee, FL Auction