1991 ABD Diablo Jota Americana

1991 ABD Diablo Jota Americana

1991 ABD Diablo Jota Americana

“Arguably the worlds’ fastest Diablo” is how Al Burtoni describes his Jota Americana. It has a completely redesigned and machined engine that carries his signature on the valve covers. In fact, this particular vehicle has been extensively modified by Burtoni to showcase the car’s Diablo’s potential. It has numerous modifications and was used as a rolling test bed for all of his products.

Burtoni obviously wanted to fill the gap and offer the official factory’s Jota upgrades to America. The factory’s kit mainly consisted of two roof-mounted air scoops and some minor upgrades, but Burtoni’s Jota Americana took the performance threshold even further.

Available for all standard Diablos, the upgrades included extensive engine modifications, special clutch and gearing, special wheels, Jota engine lid with carbon fiber pressure tray, upgraded braking system, and late style instrument housing.

The paint scheme was specially designed for the show vehicle by Michael Santoro. To match this one-of-kind appearance, a custom Alcantara interior was included in Purple and silver with yellow piping.

Engine modifications were extensive and included 11.7:1 pistons, Performance Valves, Americana Camshafts. Attached to this is a new intake, Americana Pleniums and a Sport Exhaust System. Power was reported to be more than 600 bhp. To cope with the new power a Carbon Fiber Clutch Assembly was included that took five years to develop.

Outwardly, the Americana mimics Lamborghini’s own forced induction intake system. Inside the engine bay is a Pressure Tray to seal the incoming air.
It is unclear how many Americana’s has come from V12 Engineering’s own facility in Gilroy, California. The show car initially produced 577 bhp and a similar engine kit was offered for $60,000 USD.
Story by Richard Owen

In Detail

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engineV12 w/ABD Pistons, Cams, Intake
positionMid Longitudinal
valvetrainDOHC 4 Valves / Cyl
displacement5707 cc / 348.26 in³
bore87 mm / 3.4 in
stroke80 mm / 3.1 in
power430.3 kw / 577 bhp
specific output101.1 bhp per litre
body / frameAluminum, Composite & Stee
driven wheels4WD with Viscous Traction
wheel typeABD Jota Americana Wheels