1997 Dodge Viper GTS

1997 Dodge Viper GTS

1997 Dodge Viper GTS

After receiving much attention in 1993 with the GTS Concept, Dodge released a production version three years later. Unlike previous Vipers, the new car featured air-conditioning, airbags, a CD player and power widows. Had the Viper line sobered up, or were these necessary comforts previous Vipers lacked?

Compared to the RT/10, the GTS had a host of upgrades including new cams, cylinder heads & exhausts. This helped the engine reach 450 horsepower over the roadster’s 415.

Outside, the GTs is entirely different from its roadster counterpart. The aerodynamics were heavily reworked allowing the GTS to have far less drag and a higher top speed. The later 1998 RT/10 received a new front fascia to take advantage of these new found aerodynamics.

Also new to the GTS body were exterior door handles and a NACA duct which rammed air into the engine intake.

A number of weight saving measures were taken to reduce the overall weight of the GTS. Many suspension components were cast in aluminum instead of iron. These components, combined with a lighter engine, thanks to less coolant, made the GTS 60 lbs lighter than the roadster. This reduction is quite remarkable considering the extra bodywork and glass needed for the roof of the GTS.

Overall, the GTS greatly improved the Viper line. It offered more power with less weight making it the fastest Viper in 1997.

In Detail

price $$66 000 USD
positionFront Longitidinal
valvetrainPushrod OHV, 2 Valves per Cyl
fuel feedElectronic Fuel Injection
displacement7990 cc / 487.6 in³
bore101.6 mm / 4.0 in
stroke98.6 mm / 3.88 in
power335.6 kw / 450.0 bhp @ 5200 rpm
specific output56.32 bhp per litre
bhp/weight295.28 bhp per tonne
torque664.4 nm / 490.0 ft lbs @ 3700 rpm
redline6000 rpm
body / frameMolded Composite & Aluminum over Tubular Frame
driven wheelsFront Engine / RWD
front tiresF 275/40ZR-17
rear tiresR 335/35ZR-17
front brakesVented Discs w/Vacuum Assist
f brake sizex 330 mm / x 13.0 in
rear brakesVented Discs w/Vacuum Assist
r brake sizex 330 mm / x 13.0 in
front wheelsF 33.0 x 33.0 cm / 13 x 13 in
rear wheelsR 33.0 x 33.0 cm / 13 x 13.0 in
steeringRack & Pinion w/Power Assist
f suspensionDouble Wishbones w/Coil Springs over Tube Shocks, Anti-Roll Bar
r suspensionDouble Wishbones w/Coil Springs over Tube Shocks, Anti-Roll Bar
curb weight1524 kg / 3360 lbs
wheelbase2443 mm / 96.2 in
front track1514 mm / 59.6 in
rear track1539 mm / 60.6 in
length4488 mm / 176.7 in
width1923 mm / 75.7 in
height1194 mm / 47.0 in
transmission6-Speed Manual
gear ratios2.66:1, 1.78:1, 1.30:1, 1.00:1, 0.74:1, 0.50:1, :1
final drive3.07:1
top speed~297.7 kph / 185.0 mph
0 – 60 mph~4.6 seconds
0 – 100 mph~10.0 seconds
0 – 1/4 mile~12.9 seconds




Auction Sales History



1999 Dodge Viper GTS – sold for $51,700
A Dodge Viper is one of those cars that demands attention, even when it’s sitting still. Its squat stance, broad fenders, huge tires and short rear deck scream that this is a machine built solely for speed. Known as the “Second Generation” Vipers, these cars became more street friendly by adding roll up windows and other creature comforts such as air conditioning and leather seats. Remaining most impressive for the second generation car is the Viper’s massive V10 engine mounted on what is believed to be the stiffest sports car chassis ever built. The 8.0L engine in 1999 was rated at 450hp and was connected to a special Tremec Viper 6-speed transmission. Powerful, well maintained American made sports car. From the Jimmy Richardson Collection.
Auction Source: 2012 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction



1996 Dodge Viper GTS Blue 488/450 HP, 6-Speed – sold for $39,000 488/450 HP V-10 engine. 6 speed transmission. Air conditioning. Power windows. Leather interior. 27,000 actual miles. Clean Carfax history. A very rare and desirable blue GTS Coupe
Auction Source: 2011 Mecum Indy Spring Classic