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2000 TVR Tuscan R Concept

2000 TVR Tuscan R Concept

2000 TVR Tuscan R Concept

The TVR Tuscan R is a TVR with less compromise. Its engineers have been able to focus on outright performance without being unduly restricted by NVH. Every Tuscan R is manufactured to order by the TVR Motorsport Division and is designed to be available in many different permutations from very fast roadgoing 2+2 through to full race GT car.

This takes bespoke manufacturing far further than TVR has been in recent history. Customers will be able to choose not just the colour and trim combinations for their car but also what hardware there is under the skin and how it is tuned. The engines will develop up to 450 bhp and will rev up to 8,000 rpm and the suspension can be tuned to the customersÕ wishes. Cars can be fitted with full roll cages and can be tuned towards track day and even racing use. A range of seating packages is available which varies from full hide luxury to carbon kevlar race seats. Two or four seats are possible and with the two seat option either increased luggage space or long-range fuel tanks can be specified. If the four seat option is chosen, there is a couple more inches of both legroom and headroom in the back than there is in the Cerbera and the front seats are hinged to make access to the rear easier.

Due to the highly bespoke nature of the car, the relationship between factory and customer will be even closer than normal. Although the car will be sold through the dealer network, demonstrations and the in-depth personalisation process will be directly with the factory as will major servicing work. Ownership of the car will bring many advantages including special visits to the factory, track days, hospitality at race meetings and an individual range of merchandising.

The chassis is all new with stressed aluminium honeycomb panels along the same lines as those in the Cerbera Speed 12. It is also 8 inches longer than that of the Tuscan Speed Six. Due to the car’s very high top speed and necessary aerodynamics, the ride will be somewhat less compliant than that of other TVRs but this can be adjusted to suit individual customers.

The styling picks up its cues from the Tuscan Speed Six but all the panels and even the headlights are completely new. The body is manufactured out of a composite blend of carbon and kevlar and helps the car towards its target weight of 1,000 kg which is remarkably light for such a large and strong car.

The engine is a very high performance version of TVR’s own straight six cylinder engine which will be available in a number of different variants including a 4.2 litre as well as optionally being mated with TVR’s sequential gearbox. Power output will go up to 450bhp which will give this car a power to weight ratio of 450 bhp/tonne (cf Ferrari 550 Maranello’s 287, Porsche 911 Turbo’s 272 and Lamborghini Diablo GT’s 392).

Very limited numbers of this 200+ mph car are going to be built and the first two customer cars have already been sold for racing use in the British GT championship. They have both achieved class wins, turning the tables on the previously dominant works Porsche 911s. The first customer road cars are expected to be delivered in the Summer of 2002.

Story by TVR Engineering Ltd

In Detail

submitted by Richard Owen
engine Striaght 6
displacement 4200 cc / 256.3 in³
power 335.6 kw / 450.0 bhp
specific output 107.14 bhp per litre
bhp/weight bhp per tonne
redline 8000
f brake size mm / in
r brake size mm / in
gear ratios :1