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2001 BMW X Coupe Concept

2001 BMW X Coupe Concept

2001 BMW X Coupe Concept

The X coupe is not just a show sculpture; it is driveable, and based on the chassis of BMW’s production Sports Activity Vehicle, the X5. Under the coupe’s long, one-piece hood is an advanced BMW turbodiesel engine: the 3.0-liter, six-cylinder unit of the European 530d model, with state-of-the-art common-rail direct fuel injection, developing 184 horsepower. Beyond the production engine, the X coupe’s powerplant has been modified to produce a brawny 332 lb-ft. of torque; this speaks well for off-road ability, and top speed should be somewhere around 125 mph.

A 5-speed STEPTRONIC automatic transmission takes the drive from the turbodiesel to the X coupe’s four wheels; shifting is programmed for sporty performance and driving pleasure. When he or she so desires, the driver can control shifts via paddles on the steering wheel.

Innovative new lighting technology contributes to the X coupe’s active safety. The headlights, for example, steer with the wheels for effective illumination of curves. In road driving, additional input from the GPS Navigation system actually causes the headlights to anticipate curves ahead.

Another innovation is the brake lights, carried in the dual rear lighting clusters under glass covers. They indicate to following drivers how hard the X coupe’s driver is braking: On the basis of an electronic signal of deceleration, under light braking only the lights’ outer rings illuminate; as deceleration increases, the illumination spreads inward until, under full braking, their entire area is illuminated.

In Detail

built at Munich, Germany
engine Turbodiesel 6 Cyl
displacement 3000 cc / 183.1 in³
power 137.2 kw / 184.0 bhp
specific output 61.33 bhp per litre
bhp/weight bhp per tonne
torque 450.13 nm / 332.0 ft lbs
body / frame Aluminum
driven wheels Front Engine / AWD
front tires 255/50R20
rear tires 285/45R20
f brake size mm / in
r brake size mm / in
wheelbase 2819 mm / 111.0 in
length 4580 mm / 180.3 in
width 1869 mm / 73.6 in
height 1481 mm / 58.3 in
transmission 5-Speed Semi-Auto
gear ratios :1
top speed ~201.2 kph / 125.0 mph