2001 Dodge Super8 Hemi Concept

2001 Dodge Super8 Hemi Concept

2001 Dodge Super8 Hemi Concept

A prototype 353 cu. in. (5.7-liter) pushrod V-8 engine featuring hemispherical combustion chambers and two spark plugs per cylinder powers the Dodge Super8 Hemi concept. Its estimated 353 horsepower (263 kW) and 395 lb.-ft. (536 Nom) of torque are delivered to the rear wheels via a four-speed AutoStick® manumatic transmission, allowing the vehicle to reach 60 mph. (97 kph) in less than six seconds and clock a top speed of 154 mph. (248 kph).

The concept’s independent suspension with modified MacPherson struts in front delivers precise steering, while the five-link coil-over-shock rear set-up further enhances the ride and handling.

The Dodge Super8 Hemi’s interior pays homage to the legendary vehicles of the 1950s, featuring a combination of brushed and painted aluminum gauges and trim. The concept’s ornate instrument panel recalls the era’s characteristic shapes while adding sophisticated and high-tech appeal.

Adding emphasis to the concept’s retro look, the front and rear cabins feature bench seats, which are anchored to the floor at the ends, and slide independently along a custom rail system. The bench seats, along with the absence of a B-pillar, enhance the concept’s spaciousness and create an open, social interior atmosphere.

The Passenger Priority design utilizes panoramic seating for driver and passengers, allowing for higher seating to give them more of an in-control feeling compared to other sedans. In fact, the rear passengers sit higher than the front passengers, creating an automotive form of theater seating.

Story by DaimerChrysler, Edited by Supercars.net

In Detail

submitted byRichard Owen
enginePrototype Hemi V8
displacement5785 cc / 353.0 in³
power263.2 kw / 353.0 bhp
specific output61.02 bhp per litre
bhp/weightbhp per tonne
torque535.55 nm / 395.0 ft lbs
body / frameUnit Steel
driven wheelsRWD
front tiresP255/740R560
rear tiresP255/770R560
f brake sizemm / in
r brake sizemm / in
front wheelsF 55.9 x 25.4 cm / 22.0 x 10.0 in
rear wheelsR 55.9 x 25.4 cm / 22.0 x 10.0 in
f suspensionMacPherson Struts
r suspension5-Link, Muti-link w/Coil over Shocks
curb weight1633 kg / 3600 lbs
wheelbase2982 mm / 117.4 in
front track1588 mm / 62.5 in
rear track1595 mm / 62.8 in
length4724 mm / 186.0 in
width1877 mm / 73.9 in
height1427 mm / 56.2 in
transmission4-Speed Auto
gear ratios:1
top speed~247.8 kph / 154.0 mph
0 – 60 mph~5.7 seconds
0 – 1/4 mile~14.1 seconds