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2006 Dub Charger R/T

Here we have a special Dodge Charger made by DUB Magazine. More recently DUB have been bridging the gap between a lifestyle publication and car tuner by funding showcars as well as hosting car shows. While most of their special editions are quite dubious, this metalic black Charger R/T is the exception.

What DUB have done, like most of their cars, is add massive 24 inch wheels. To accommodate these one-of wheels, the car has been outfitted with special mounting brakets that attach to 16 inch oversize brakes. And, just incase the body is a little too low, the car has an air suspension to change the ride height.

To go along with the bling wheels, the DUB charger also gets a RAM air funnel, front grille and rear facia that are all specific to this car. The final effect is quite fitting for the Charger’s lines and we applaud DUB for coming up with something we consider good enough for

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