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2008 Dodge Zeo Concept Gallery

2008 Dodge Zeo Concept Gallery

Nestled between the robust circular wheel arches, ZEO’s taut, elongated beltline ends with the signature Dodge kick-up at the rear, where the reverse-angle C-pillar is planted directly over the rear wheel arch.

Inspired in part by the architecture of a Möbius strip, Dodge ZEO’s rakish A-pillars curve into extended roof rails that twist and converge as they race rearward. The windshield glass continues in an unbroken, curving plane nearly to the rear of the car, giving both front and rear passengers an unimpeded, all-around view while showcasing ZEO’s inventive interior.

Other expressive details include scissor doors, front and rear lamps treated as separate sculptural forms, and the ZEO Orange and dark silver exterior.

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