2009 Quail Motorsports Gathering

One of the hardest Monterey events to attend is the Quail Motorsports Gathering. Its 3000 tickets are almost completely reserved in advance and they sell out in a few hours. For good reason too, since it has impressive cars and catering from the impeccable Quail Lodge.

In 2009, several important cars debuted at the show like the Veyron Grand Sport ‘€˜Sang Bleu’€™. Other special commissions included a Rolls-Royce Drophead with custom appointments for Michael Fux and a unique Ferrari 599. Of all the classes, a ring of Devins was curated especially well and we have a separate page for them.

We took special care to have the definitive Quail gallery. Dirk de Jager flew over the event and captured some unique angles of the whole layout. Without further ado, we strongly recommend you check out the Quail.