2010 Reiter Gallardo LP560 GT3

2010 Reiter Gallardo LP560 GT3

2010 Reiter Gallardo LP560 GT3

The REITER Lamborghini LP560 GT3 was tested for the first time in public and is more efficient than its victorious predecessor: More power, improved suspension geometry, refined and optimised aerodynamics and a reduction in weight are key factors for the performance increase. In addition the car scores with an innovative 2-in-1 concept.

The new car is based on the production Lamborghini LP560-4. The REITER LP560 GT3 is equipped with a completely new and more powerful 5.2 litre V10 engine producing 570 PS (419.2 kW) at 8,000 rpm. It also develops significantly more torque than its predecessor – namely 540 Nm at 6,500 rpm. An EFI Euro 12 ECU performs the engine management.

With its new car REITER Engineering aims to continue the winning ways of its GT3 model series. To date a total of 49 examples were sold to the worldwide customer base. And with success: In addition to numerous race victories a REITER Gallardo GT3 currently holds the overall lead in the French FFSA GT3 and Asian GT3 championships. A brace of team titles (ADAC GT Masters), three championship titles (Australian GT, FFSA GT, Italian GT) and two championship runner-up positions (ADAC GT Masters, FFSA GT) have been credited to the REITER designed and developed Lamborghini racer over the last few years. However, the talk can not be of matching previous successes, “since the new Lamborghini GT3 is clearly far superior in many aspects than its predecessor,” states Team Boss Hans Reiter

The car weighs-in at an impressive 1,190 kg and, as a result, numbers among the lightweights in the GT3 class. The reason for this is its unique light-weight design aluminium spaceframe-structure, which allows the chassis to be considerably lighter and extremely rigid torsionally. The front and rear bodywork and the sills are also manufactured from lightweight carbon-fibre.

The aerodynamic concept follows the high-downforce philosophy of the predecessor. A combination of the carbon rear wing, front splitter and the completely closed aluminium-honeycomb underfloor generate the downforce required. The aerodynamic could be improved by 8% compared to its predecessor.

According to comments by chief engineer Edward Turner the new GT3 suspension concept is based on its big brother the REITER Murciélago R-GT which has proven its competitiveness in recent seasons. CNC machined uprights, fabricated race wishbones, an 24-hour race braking system and the multi-adjustable race suspension specially developed for the GT3 car underline this and are the foundation for the improved suspension geometry. The state-of-the-art mid-engine concept gives the car excellent handling and forms the base for the perfect front to rear weight distribution of 43-57%

Equipped with 270/650-18 (front) and 310/710-18 (rear) REITER Engineering exploits the maximum tyre dimension on the rear axle which in turn improves the grip compared to the forerunner GT3 and, more specifically, allows significantly more constant lap times.

As usual a Holinger race gearbox ensures excellent power transmission. An Evo-gearbox enabled gear-shift times to be reduced by half. In addition, the fully programmable, electronic power management system (OBR) is another technical innovation that eases handling and maintenance.

A genuine motorsport innovation and interesting added value for GT3 customers: During the concept and design phase the REITER development team produced the REITER Convertible Concept (REITER CC/32). It allows the GT3 car, available for 265,000 Euro net, to be converted to a full-spec GT2 race car cost-efficiently in an ‘After Sales Solution’ for approx 30,000 Euro net. In this way customers receive a REITER LP560 GT3 race car which can start worldwide in the GT3 classes and also in the GT2 categories including the LM GT2 class.

Orders for three cars have already been placed. In September Lamborghini and GT3 customers have the opportunity to test the REITER Lamborghini LP560 GT3.

Story by Reiter Engineering GmbH & Co Kg

In Detail

typeRacing Car
built atKirchanshöring, Germany
price $$ 375,000
price €/td>€265,000
engine90º V10
positionMid, Longitudinal
block materialAluminum
valvetrain4 Valves per Cyl
fuel feedDirect Gasoline Injection
displacement5204 cc / 317.57 in³
bore84.5 mm / 3.3 in
stroke92.8 mm / 3.7 in
power419.2 kw / 562.1 bhp
specific output108.01 bhp per litre
bhp/weight472.35 bhp per tonne
torque540 nm / 398.3 ft lbs @ 6500 rpm
body / frameAluminum Body Over Aluminum Spaceframe
driven wheelsRWD
front tires270/650-18
rear tires310/710-18
f suspensionDouble Wishbones
r suspensionDouble Wishbones
curb weight1190 kg / 2624 lbs
weight distro43 % / 57 %
transmissionHolinger Sequential