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2011 Ferrari 599 GTO

2011 Ex-Tony Kanaan Ferrari 599 GTO Is Up For Sale

Desirable Rosso Fuoco over Nero with just 608 miles on the clock

We all know what it’s like to look at sales listings and ponder about what it would take to afford the car of our dreams. For some, they have the means to make it a reality. For others, we calculate out just how many organs we need to survive and what the value of the spare ones are on the black market!

In all seriousness, a very rare opportunity has arisen where a near gem-mint 2011 Ferrari 599 GTO, with only two owners and only 608 miles on the odometer has been placed up for sale. The original owner was Brazilian racing driver Tony Kanaan, who over four years only put 541 miles on the car. and after the end of ten years of ownership, it read just 600 miles.

2011 Ferrari 599 GTO

The second owner was a local friend of Tony’s that bought it at the end of 2020. It was subsequently placed into a collection, gaining only 8 more miles being driven to that collection. The odometer has not gained a mile since.

So what makes this particular 599 GTO worthy of note?

Apart from the history of the ownership, it is also in the best color combination, that of Rosso Fuoco over bare carbon fiber Nero.

It is also, as per some quick research, one of the lowest mileage 599 GTO’s for sale since the car’s introduction as a special edition based on the 599XX in 2010.

It is being sold by Schaltkulisse GMBH, a specialist exotic consignment and broker dealership in Taufkirchen, Germany. The car itself is located in Miami, Florida.

It is listed as “Price On Request,” but with previous auction and sales information found out there on the internet, it is fair to expect the car to fetch over $1 million.

Looking to purchase? Contact Schaltkulisse here: