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3 Awesome Enhancements For Your Truck

So you’ve purchased a brand new truck or at least a “new to you” truck. Now you need to make it “yours” by sprucing it up a little bit. That is a completely natural instinct and we’re here to help guide you in the right direction. So before you go getting the fanciest cupholder online or the coolest decals, let’s go over the things you need.

Paint Protection

It doesn’t matter if your truck goes off-road or not. Let’s face it, we’ve all seen cars and trucks alike with paint damage. We’re talking about paint chips, paint swirls, oxidization, and scuffs on the hatch. There are tons of solutions to prevent these very common problems. Below we list some of the things to help keep your truck looking as good as it did rolling off of the production line.

Before You Protect

There are a couple of things you need to know for the best long-term results, prior to protecting your paint. You must first have the paint “corrected”. Paint correction consists of having imperfections or blemishes either polished by a professional auto detailer or in extreme cases, repaired at a body shop.

Professional detailers will follow a massive list of precautions before touching your vehicle with their polisher. Now because we don’t have all day to cover that extensive list involved in polishing your vehicle, I’ll let you check out some videos put out by one of the best detailers in North America, AMMO NYC on YouTube. After your truck has been rid of those imperfections, I’ll list some things below that will keep your truck looking its best for years to come.

Paint Protection Options – For Professional Use or DIY

  • Paint Protection Film
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Glass Coating
  • Paint Sealant
  • Carnuba/Synthetic Wax

Where to Buy

Upgrading Your Truck

So you want to use your truck for its intended purpose. Well, here are a couple of things that can put that impulse into motion.


  • DECKED – Decked is a quick and easy storage solution to maximize your truck storage. Sort of like a basket organizer, but for your truck bed, and on steroids. It uses a drawer system to maximize space in your truck bed while allowing you to lock up your precious cargo.


  • Curt – Is one of the biggest tow hitch suppliers and manufacturers in North America. Curt can set you up with exactly what your truck needs to haul that boat you just purchased or that travel trailer you bought to surprise your family.

ford truck interior

Customizing Your Truck

Now that you’ve protected and used your truck. You’ll want to make it “yours”. Below I’ll list a few things you can do to make your truck your own. Now, these things may seem elementary, but they will ultimately change your driving life and cause you less stress throughout the ownership of your truck.

Auto Tint

Auto tint has come a long way in the last few years. There’s no longer that age-old problem of purple looking tint or bubbles clouding your vehicle’s windows. Again, this one seems basic and depending on if you like the look of window tint or not, it’s much more than aesthetics these days. CeramicPro is a great resource if you’re looking for information on window tint.

Along with the obvious privacy that window tint offers, it can also offer UV protection, interior heat prevention, and even shatterproof security. Like most things, not all window tints are created equal. So take back that tint you just picked from your favorite big box store.

Floor Liners

Much like mentioned above, not all floormats are created equal either. I’m not talking about regular floor mats that come with flames on them. I’m talking about quality floor liners that actually protect your truck’s interior instead of making it look tacky (no offense if you own Tweety Bird floormats).

Floor liners are the luxurious hardwood floor your truck needs. They are typically made specifically for your vehicle ensuring an exact fit. So they not only look great but they are easy to clean? What’s the catch? Well, other than being a bit more expensive than your “cool” flame-floormats, there is no catch. WeatherTech is an example of a brand that makes awesome floor liners to keep your interior clean.