BAC Mono successor

BAC Will Unveil Faster Mono at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Taking Things Up a Notch

The Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) came out with a wild car in 2011 called the Mono. It was one of the closest things to an F1 car you could drive on the road. It still sells the Mono today, but now the company has a new car in the works that it plans to unveil at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. 

The company posted a teaser video to its YouTube channel earlier this week, which we’ve included below. All that it said about the car, though was that it would come July 4. There’s no other information out there. The company did release a few photos of the upcoming car, though, so we know it will look similar to the Mono that the company previously produced. 

Talking to Autocar, the company’s co-founder, Neil Briggs sounded excited and optimistic for the new model. He said the experience so far with the Mono has been an “incredible and truly humbling journey.” He said the new car is an effort to “turn the dials up a notch.” Briggs said a new prototype of the car tested at the Shelsley Walsh and it “blew our class away.”

That’s not surprising. The Mono weighs only 1,300 pounds. It’s an open wheel sports car with a 2.5-liter Ford-sourced turbocharged four-cylinder engine that makes around 300 hp. According to Autocar, the Mono has broken five production car lap records since 2011. If the new car is much better than that, you can expect BAC to break a few more records.