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Battle of the Horsepower Titans: 850HP Camaro vs 900HP Corolla

Why Do I Like This?

Hoonigan is back at it again doing more Hoonigan things (the usual). These guys have more projects and access to vehicles than they know what to do with. Seriously, I’m sure we’ve all ended up on that weird part of youtube when you find yourself watching 1200 horsepower Supras roasting Lamborghinis on the street for hours, but this is peak “WTF, oh right.. I’m on the Hoonigan channel.. That’s why.” type of content.

Taken from Hoonigan Youtube Video

The Corolla is a Formula Drift legal car packing an easy 1000 ponies with a shot of the good stuff. In the video, they’re running low boost and no N02 so it’s making closer to 900 though.

His competitor is a drag-built ‘1967’ Chevrolet Camaro completely designed for nothing more than driving in a straight line with its highly modified CBB V8, so I’m sure you know the result of this head to head match-up but it’s still worth watching for the content all the same as the Hoonigan crew always manages to put a smile on my face with the sheer amount of fun they have.

Drag cars are built for drag racing, and drift cars are built for drifting – duh. Although this video really puts into perspective the low importance of horsepower when deciding the outcome of any form of race. Gearing, tire size, suspension components all come into account and are specially tailored to whatever you are trying to achieve with your race car.

One thing I know for sure after watching this video though, I need a 900 horsepower Corolla.