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Rimac C_Two drifting

The Most Important Question About the Rimac C_Two: Will It Drift?

It seems that electric supercar and hypercar companies are becoming quite aware of the internet and the entire meme subculture. Borrowing a bit from one of the first “Will it…” bits (the “Will It Blend?” meme), Rimac has asked an all-important question.

Will the Rimac C_Two hypercar drift?

Of course, with pandemic lockdowns still in place across the world, they couldn’t hire any proper actors to come in and do a commercial. So, embracing the silliness of it all, everyone featured in the video is an actual Rimac employee.

The C_Two is one of the three all-electric hypercars that are set to be released in the next few years, beside the Lotus Evija EV and the Pininfarina Battista.

It features 4 electric motors, one per wheel, which combine to provide 1,914 HP and enough torque to counter the spin of the Earth if driven in the wrong direction.

Rimac C_Two drifting

To keep this power under control, the C_Two will come with a full assortment of electronic driver aids, including multi-mode all-wheel torque vectoring, regenerative braking, and active stabilization through both mechanical (suspension) and aerodynamic means.

But… if you happen to turn all those driver aids off

Rimac C_Two drifting

Then yes. The Rimac C_Two will drift. It will pitch sideways and throw out a huge plume of tire smoke, meaning the test driver in the video was probably grinning ear to ear.