Edouard Schumacher and Stephan Winkelmann at Bugatti Paris
Edouard Schumacher (left) and Stephan Winkelmann (right) flank a Bugatti Chiron Sport at new Paris showroom

Bugatti Opens Newest Showroom In Paris

As announced in a recent press release from Bugatti, their newest showroom opened on February 7, 2020, in the Neuilly-sur-Seine commune of Paris, just West of Paris City itself.

Partnering with Groupe Schumacher, a long time specialist in super and hyper car sales, the new showroom is the first of its kind, showcasing the new, industrial-but-comfortable corporate design of the Bugatti brand. Bugatti president Stephan Winkelmann and CEO of Groupe Schumacher Edouard Schumacher jointly opened the showroom on February 7 in front of customers, invited VIPs, and media representatives.

Located in the center of high class apartments at 181 Avenue Achilles Peretti, a scant 2 miles from the L’Arc de Triomphe, the showroom is faced in black, with simplistic highlighted white lettering, and an arch of simplistic marble stone mounted on concrete. Currently, potential customers and passers-by are greeted with a Chiron Sport in blue carbon, under a minimalist but effective lighting installation in the ceiling.

Bugatti Paris showroom

The customization center has the traditional Bugatti “Wall of Power” where all material and color combinations are displayed next to a solid stone desk finished in white and black to stunning effectiveness.


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Bugatti Paris showroom wall of power


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Bugatti Paris showroom customization center



Should it be a nice day in Paris, there is even an optional outdoor patio lounge where customers and salesmen can discuss the customization of the Chiron, in the midst of trees, sculptures, and a small garden. Although customers will have to hurry in, as only 500 Chiron’s will be built, and only about 100 are left unsold.

Bugatti Paris showroom patio lounge

The patio is finished with white leather furniture, with distressed grey painted wood adding a classic Parisian fashionable touch.

Bugatti Paris showroom patio lounge looking into showroom

The new showroom highlights the feeling of exclusivity and design excellence that Bugatti’s have become known for. With the Paris showroom, Bugatti now has only 26 dealers in 17 countries, adding to the exclusivity of the brand.