Busted! Crazy Driving Myths You Actually Believe

There are plenty of people who think that they know all there is about the cars and the road. Is that true? Of course not because there are so many myths about driving and cars online, you’d be forgiven for believing a few of them. Here are some of the craziest things that people believe about driving and why you’d be a fool to buy into this nonsense.

Cars Fold Like Paper These Days

We just read an article that claimed that if you push your thumb down on the bodywork of a car, you’ll dent it. Amazing, considering people regularly sit on a car and do no damage at all. So, how can you dent a car with your thumb? You can’t and if you don’t believe this go and try it. We promise you pressing your thumb on the car body will not cause any damage. This idea has originated from the misunderstood belief that cars are made to be weaker these days. This isn’t true either. They are designed to fold in a specific way in the event of an impact. That does not mean that cars are easy to damage. You could give your car door a powerful kick and it wouldn’t dent!

Wearing A Seatbelt Is More Dangerous

Okay, there’s a tiny little piece of evidence for this one. If your car crashes in a specific way, it could, theoretically, be safer not to be wearing a seatbelt. Usually, this is if a car has rolled over trapping you inside. If you’re not wearing a seatbelt, you can climb out before the car bursts into flames. Of course, you’ll have to hope your head didn’t hit the roof knocking you unconscious. Ninety-five percent of the time you’re better off wearing a seatbelt, so you have to play the odds.

Number Of Drunk Drivers Are Increasing

Nope, the number of drunk drivers, are decreasing according to official stats. That’s not to say there aren’t still drunk people on the road. If you’re caught drunk driving you can call a DWI lawyer to represent you. The fact that there are still specialist lawyers to help should alert you it’s a major problem on the roads. But figures don’t lie, and you’re more likely to be involved in an accident with someone talking on their phone.

Most Speed Cameras Aren’t In Operation

Actually, most speed cameras are in operation, and if you think you can spot which ones are broken, you’re going to be disappointed. Cameras that are empty look the same as all the others, and there’s no way of telling which ones are working. It’s estimated that a third of speed cameras in Britain aren’t functional. That’s useful, if you know which is which, but sadly, you don’t. Although we’re sure, the people who installed them have great fun speeding past the ones that aren’t working.

Cops Have To Prove You Were Breaking The Law

Nice try criminals, but cops don’t always need evidence to give you some points on your license. Their account is evidence enough which has led to some nasty dealings in the USA in particular.