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In 1985, Automobili Lamborghini was working on Project 132, with the intention of succeeding the Countach at the top of the Lamborghini range. Starting from scratch, designer Marcello Gandini (who was also responsible for drawing Miura and Countach) sketched a very aggressive, sharp body for what was to become the Diablo.

When it was released it became officially the fastest production vehicle in the world, with a top speed of 203.1mph. The car was equipped with the classic Lamborghini 12-cylinder set-up. This included a 5.7-liter engine, four overhead camshafts, and four valves per cylinder. The output of this engine was an incredible 485 HP with 580 NM of torque.

Compared to Countach, the Lamborghini Diablo had a better-equipped interior, even though it may seem a bit spartan by modern standards. Seats were now fully adjustable, as was the steering wheel, and windows were actioned electrically. Hand-sewn fine Italian leather covered the insides of the car, top to bottom.

Lamborghini added power steering into the mix as of 1993, and the supercar also saw the addition of ABS. Even at that time, various luxury perks were available with supercars; Lamborghini offered the possibility to buy a custom-molded seat for the driver, rear spoiler, a factory luggage set, and even a limited edition Breguet clock for your car’s dashboard.

Photo Source: Collecting Cars