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Christian von Koenigsegg walks us through the Jesko Attack

An official video from the Koenigsegg channel where Christian von Koenigsegg does a full walkthrough of the bright orange Jesko that was just finished, being a pre-production validation car, this one is very close to the actual production cars that they will start building, this Tang Orange Pearl with silver and carbon-fiber accents finished beauty reminds us of the Koenigsegg CCR color, did you know that back in the early 2000s about 50% of all Koenigsegg cars left the factory in Sweden in this orange shade?

Let’s just take a look at 15 minutes of automotive art … made in Sweden, by the way, this track focussed version no longer goes by the name Jesko, but they now call it the Jesko Attack, while the top speed version is still called the Jesko Absolut.