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Ford May Be Working To Bring The GT500 A Carbon Fiber Handling Package

The GT500 is no slouch. The car makes 760 horsepower and was built to destroy racetracks across the country. How can Ford make such a “trackable” car even better? Reports are coming in stating that Ford is working on an entirely new trim package to fit between the preexisting Handling Pack and Carbon Fiber Track Packs.

The package will include 20-inch carbon fiber rims (rare) along with some other minor carbon fiber updates to the rest of the body. The rims will be painted, so everyone at cars and coffee will have to take your word for it, but you can rest assured there is pure performance-enhancing carbon fiber shoes adorned to this trim package.

Pricing is expected to fall somewhere between the two current packages Ford is seeking to bridge. The Handling Pack is offered for $1500, and the Carbon Fiber Track Pack will run you an additional $18,500. It’s safe to expect that this new package will be cost-effective enough to keep the car under the $100k range.

The major selling point for this package is the option for drivers to receive the weight-saving benefits of the carbon wheels without breaking the bank and getting the huge 20k package. Each rim saves a whopping 17 lbs of unsprung weight from the car, meaning it will handle considerably better.

Reports are stating that this package will not replace the existing Track and Handling packs, and should comfortably sit between the two in the option line-up going forwards. Thank God? No, thank Ford.