Gordon McCall’s Motorworks Revival 2009

Gordon McCall’s Motorworks Revival 2009

The 2009 Monterey Car Week glamour has officially begun with the 2009 Gordon McCall’s Motorworks Revival. For many, the McCall Motorworks Revival at The Jet Center marks the real start of Monterey Car Week. With exotics, hypercars, private jets, military aircraft and even amphibious vehicles this is a scene you need to experience at least once.

Held August 13th at the Monterey Jet Center. Organized by Gordon McCall and described as the one night party every car guy needs to visit while at the Monterey Peninsula for Car Week.

With an “A-List” of VIP guests from Hollywood celebrities to Captains of Industry, this “Jet Set” crowd arrives in first-class style, to feast on the latest offerings from some of the world’s top luxury brands in a relaxed and elegant party setting.”

This year’s party featured cars from the Blastolene Brothers, Reggie Jackson’s classic muscle car collection, classic Porsche race cars and Hennessey’s supercharged Camaro. Add Bugatti, Zagato, GemballaPorsche, MorganLotus and many more, there are cars for every taste.

Check out the gallery of the 2009 McCall’s Motorworks Revival: