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Gordon Murry Automotive T.50

Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 Lightweighting Revealed

Serious Innovations Here

The Gordon Murry Automotive T.50 development continues, and right now the lightweight efforts that the company has made to its V12 hypercar. The vehicle features a Cosworth-built naturally aspirated V12 engine, and as good as that sounds, it’s only good if the rest of the car is excellent, and the car certainly looks like it could be.

The T.50’s lightweighting is an impressive methodology that focuses on reducing the weight of just about every component from its first conception. The point of this methodology is to make them as lightweight as possible no matter what it is or the cost, according to EVO.

The car is said to weigh just 980 kg, which is about 2,160 pounds. The body panels themselves weigh just 150 kg, which is about just 330 pounds. The driver’s seat weights 7 kg (15 pounds), and the passenger seats 3 kg (about 6.6 pounds). The pedal box weighs 300 grams less than those of the F1. The windscreen is 28 percent lighter than typical automotive glass.

The engine weighs 180 kg (397 pounds), which is extremely lightweight for an engine with a six-liter displacement. This engine is rigidly bolted to the rear of the carbon-fiber tub. it will act as a stressed member of the chassis. This V12 engine in conjunction with a 48-volt system for the engine’s electronics and rear-mounted fan (which helps boost power by 30 hp). This 48-volt system will also act as the starter motor. The six-speed manual gearbox is 10 kg (22 pounds) lighter than the unit found in the F1.

All told, the T.50 is a very impressive work of automotive engineering. The vehicle is much lighter than the F1 and much lighter than many of the other cars out there. It is an impressive car, and I can’t wait to see more of it.