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Hagery review of Aston Martin Valkyrie

Hagerty Reviews The Aston Martin Valkyrie

A detailed, in-depth review with both driving and technical overview

Some reviewers like to just get as much noise, speed, and driving in as possible. Other reviewers like to talk up all the mechanical and technological marvels of a car. Henry Catchpole, from Hagerty Media, one of our favorite reviewers around the Supercars office, knows precisely how to have enough of both types of content, and he does so again with the Hagerty review of the Aston Martin Valkyrie.

What is quite special about the Hagerty review is that not only does Henry get to drive the Valkyrie on the Sakhir Circuit in Bahrain, which hosted the opening race of the 2023 Formula One season this past weekend, he gets to do it in the same conditions that the F1 drivers experience, meaning it’s at night. We think it just adds that extra bit of flair to see the thousands of ultra-bright floodlights reflecting off the super-thin, ultra-lightweight paint of the car as it howls around the circuit.

As well, the technical section and interview portion of the review is done with James Manners, Aston Martin’s head of vehicle engineering for the Valkyrie. If anyone knows anything about the car, it’s him!

Henry also makes the claim, rightly so in our view, that the Valkyrie is more than just a hypercar, it’s one of the big leaps forward in supercars as a whole. “Miura. McLaren F1. Veyron. Valkyrie.” We couldn’t agree more!