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Hagerty review of the Ferrari Purosangue

Hagerty Reviews The Ferrari Purosangue

Henry Catchpole likes the car, if this review is anything to go by!

The biggest point that is brought up in this review that many others gloss over or make a small comment about is that the new Ferrari Purosangue will only ever have one engine: A 6.5L naturally aspirated Tipo F140GA V12 pounding out 725 HP. This engine is the same that was used in the Ferrari Enzo in its initial form, then was used in the 599 GTB, then the F12 Berlinetta, and in its latest, 6.5L F140GA format, the 812 Superfast GTS and the Purosangue.

What is particularly nice about Henry Catchpole’s reviews for Hagerty of any car he drives is that the crew that sets up the microphones and cameras for the driving shots always put a microphone just outside the exhaust pipes. That means, during this video review, there are a ton of pure V12 music moments, with the big beast howling sonorously out of all four exhausts.

What a tough job these video reviews guys have, huh?