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Henry Catchpole Pits The SLS AMG Black Series And AMG GT Black Series Head-To-Head

AMG is in the midst of a major transformation. A decade ago, the SLS Black Series set the stage for this shift, marking a return to AMG’s racing heritage. While legislative changes drove this evolution, the latest AMG GT Black Series fully embraces it, resulting in a very exciting car.

This transformation is evident from the start. The SLS Black Series, launched in 2012 for £230,000, was a departure from its predecessors. With its massive bonnet and a high-revving 6.2-liter naturally aspirated engine producing 622 bhp and 468 lb-ft of torque, it was a dramatic presence on the road. Its gull-wing doors paid homage to the iconic 1952 300 SL race car, while its stiffer chassis, improved dynamics, and precise steering made.

Fast forward to the latest AMG GT Black Series, priced slightly higher, and it exudes even more racing aggression. It boasts an adjustable rear wing, larger grille, race-inspired details, and weight savings. When driven, it maintains the Black Series lineage, offering race car-like responses in Comfort mode and precise handling in Sport Plus mode. The engine may lack the SLS’s emotional, naturally aspirated sound, but it delivers accessible performance.

See how these two exciting cars from AMG compare against each other in this video provided to us by Hagerty.