Hongqi S9 Hybrid Hypercar Spotted At 2020 Beijing Auto Show

How Do You Say Speed in Mandarin?

The Hongqi S9 concept is really something else; A 1,400 horsepower hybrid hypercar designed and manufactured in China, for China. The car is currently a glimpse of what we should see from the supposed 70 car production run and was promoted on display at this year’s Beijing Auto Show.

From the side, it’s hard not to compare the design cues featured to that of a Bugatti with some extra flare sprinkled in. That’s what Chinese manufacturing is amazing at, after all, studying the best and providing the same product for cheaper (1.5 million USD “cheap” in this case).

Despite that, it appears this car features a lot of innovation taking into account the thing makes 1400 hybrid horsepower and will potentially have a top speed of 400 km/h (250 mph) with a similar 0-60 as the upcoming Tesla Roadster. The carbon fiber construction is expected for a 1.5 million dollar hypercar, so you can be assured it will be lighter than a bird and faster than a rocketship.

The car will be street legal, and if things work out smoothly we could be seeing this insane car hitting production by next year. Hopefully, they have a good marketing team behind them as I would love to finally see some test drive footage and a more detailed look into the vehicle itself.