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INSANE VIDEO: Chris Harris Drives 769bhp Ferrari F12 TDF. #bleepingawesome

Ferrari F12 TDF is a 769bhp, track-ready, V12 maniac

Chris Harris drives the harder, nastier and much faster version of the Ferrari F12 in this video and once again we are not surprised at all that he loves it.

This is the F12 TDF – short for Tour de France. What isn’t there to love about the Ferrari F12 TDF, a Ferrari that  loses 110kg, gains a lot more downforce and extra aggressive carbon treatment all over the place. It also takes the F12’s 6.3-litre V12 and boosts it from 730 hp to 769 hp thanks to race-spec tappets and variable geometry intake trumpets, resulting in a 400rpm higher redline, now at an insane 8,900rpm.

The F12’s double-clutch box has been revised for TDF duty, with upshifts quickened by 30 per cent, and downshifts by 40 per cent. The front tyres are eight per cent wider, too. At 124mph (200kmh), the TDF makes 230kg of downforce, nearly double that of the standard F12, thanks to a bigger splitter, dive planes and floor wings, along with ‘Aerobridge’ additions just behind the front wheels. Wow.

Effectively the successor to the 599 GTO, it’s a harder, faster, track-focused (but road-legal) iteration of our favorite front-engined V12. The F12 serves up the most extraordinary surge of savage, linear acceleration, the relentless thrust of a jet fighter on take-off. Join Chris Harris behind the wheel.