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“Is That a Supra?!” Yes, It Is! New Supra In Production

Awesome news from Motoring Research, where it has been announced that the new Toyota Supra will be in production for 2019. That’s great news for hardcore enthusiasts, who will be given an opportunity to own a legendary Toyota nameplate.

The Supra will be priced higher than the entry-level GT86 but no specs or pricing has been released as of yet.

The interesting part is that Toyota has partnered with BMW for this new vehicle, similar to how Toyota and Subaru produced the GT86/BRZ. The Supra/Z4 platform will share the same straight-six engine and gearbox but will have different calibration based on company wants and desires,

“It’s very difficult to make a viable business case for sports cars, but our young engineers are reaping the benefits of working in Gazoo Racing – and with BMW.”

As mentioned earlier, Toyota is also preparing a race-spec version of the Supra through GRMN or Gazoo Racing Masters of Nurburgring. So get out your class cleaner folks, because you’ll be snapping necks very soon with this new release.