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Italdesign coupe

Italdesign Shows Off Its New Coupe

An Official Rendering to Ogle

Italdesign is the design house that has produced some of the best vehicles of all time. Recently the company teased an image of its upcoming car. The plan is to unveil the vehicle at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. Well, the company has now let slip another image of its car. This time it’s a full official rendering of the vehicle, and we have to say it looks pretty good.

Is it as elegant and amazing as Italdesign’s previous creations? Not quite, but it is still a very attractive car. The image was shared on the company’s Facebook page. It showcases the car’s overall shape, its long gull-wing doors, and aggressive front end. The car was shown in a deep, dark red and features chrome accents around the windows and down the side.

Its long fastback-style roofline is beautiful and makes us think this car has to be a 2+2 setup. There also what looks like a small fueling door on the driver’s side front fender. This is the usual placement for an electric charging port, so we wonder if the car will have an electric powertrain. That would certainly go with the times.

It will be interesting to see what Italdesign has under the hood of this car. It could be a fully electric powertrain, but it might also be some kind of plug-in hybrid. It’s impossible to tell if there’s a tailpipe poking out the rear of the car, which would be the tell of a hybrid of some kind. More information will come once the vehicle is officially revealed on March 5.