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Live Blog: The Gordon Murray Automotive T.33 Reveal

Today, January 27, 2022, at 12:00 EST, Gordon Murray Automotive will be revealing their next car, the T.33 supercar to accompany the T.50 hypercar. Join us as we live blog the reveal to highlight all the awesome details of the next GMA car!

Here’s the livestream VOD, now that it has become a permanent YouTube link:

12:00 EST: The stream opens with none other than Dario Franchitti, driving the first road going T.50!



12:02: Dario arrives at the new GMA HQ just outside of London, a new facility that will become the full production facility as well in the coming months. It is on 54 acres right on the edge of London.


12:03: We get a quick look at the T.50 production floor with cars in different stages of assembly

t.50 floor

12:04: We meet Phil Lee, CEO of Gordon Murray Automotive itself under the Gordon Murray Group umbrella. Dario comments on the cars in the facility now being built are prototype demonstrators, but that this is the same floor that customer cars will be going through as well.

12:04: Phil reveals that the T.33 will only have 100 cars made, so it will be limited in numbers just as much as the T.50 is.

12:04: Following the “Gordon Murray ideology,” it’s all about super-lightweight combined with technical perfection. As an example, Phil shows that the metal of one of the door handles for the T.50 weighs less than the leather it’s wrapped in!

door handle

12:05: A quick section on the history of Gordon Murray is shown. It highlights his time at Brabham Racing, in which his Brabham 1975 BT44 F1 car, powered by the legendary Cosworth DFV, won 5 grand prixs, 4 in the hands of Carlos Reutermann. In 1983, his “dart car,” the BT52, is designed and built in just 14 weeks, carrying Nelson Piquet to his 2nd world championship.

12:06: In 1993, Gordon Murray builds his ultimate personal car, known as the Rocket. It’s an ultra-lightweight car, powered by a high-revving Yamaha Motorcycle engine.


12:07: After going over some of Gordon’s classic 60’s lightweight cars, Dario introduces us to the GMA T.33!

GMA t.33

12:08: Gordon highlights that the design ideology and aesthetic, instead of being hypermodern like the T.50, is a throwback to the style of the 1960s sports cars. A front-on view while he speaks highlights this, with an almost classic De Tomaso and/or Ferrari style low front bonnet, oval headlights, and lots of windscreen space.

T33 head on

12:08: The T.33, Gordon reveals, is slightly longer than the T.50, and for comparison’s sake, mentions that the T.33 is almost dead on the same size as a Porsche 718 Boxster! It’s tiny!

12:09: Now for some details of the T.33! It comes with either a manual xtrac gearbox, or a brand new paddle-shift semi-automatic bespoke to the T.33. It has three luggage compartments, one in the “frunk,” and two sideboard luggage compartments that have rearward hinged doors, on either side of the engine compartment.

12:11: The T.33 is going to be offered in LHD and RHD. The air intake is ram induction, feeding a Cosworth V12.


The Cosworth V12 uses the same block and heads as the T.50 V12, but is a different configuration. “Still revving to 11, 000, instead of 12,” Gordon says as if he was explaining that the sky is blue!

600 HP, car weight 1,100 kg!

12:13: As shown by an engine out of the car, the V12 has an entirely new induction system, with ITB’s and a new exhaust system, made out of titanium as one would expect. All new cam profile, different valve timings, 3.9 liters.

Cosworth V12

12:15: As a bit of a tease about the future of GMA, Gordon just casually drops the line that “for our last non-hybrid car, it had to be something really special.”

That wraps up the livestream. We’ll be looking forward to seeing more promotional material and reveals about the T.33 in the coming months, so stick with us here at to get the latest news and specs, because as soon as we know, you’ll know.