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Manthey Racing Unveils Performance Package For Porsche 911 (992) GT3 Touring

It might not have been the announcement we were expecting, but it's sure turning out to be a delightful one nonetheless

Manthey Racing have just announced a new “MR” Kit, which is now available for discerning drivers who wish to upgrade the performance of their gentleman-spec GT3s.

In concert with the GT3 Touring’s original mission and intended appeal, Manthey has refrained from making any radical changes to the car, particularly as it pertains to its appearance. Exterior changes are quintessentially subtle as far as that goes, with a front lip—which only eagle-eyed observers would be able to spot at first glance—underbody airflow strakes and a carbon rear diffuser being added on. These help to improve aerodynamic performance, while being equal parts distinguishable and stealthy at the same time. Lightweight fetishists can also spec an optional set of magnesium wheels—to which Manthey’s carbon fibre aero discs can be added—shaving an extra 7.3 kg of weight in the process. Those who really want the comprehensive Manthey transformation can also purchase an “MR” tow strap, carbon fiber door sill guards, LED door projectors, and a Manthey decal set.

The upgrades don’t just end at the visual upgrades, of course, with a specially tuned 4-way adjustable coilover suspension, a set of high-performance brake pads, and braided brake lines all coming as part of the 992 GT3 Touring “MR” Kit. Together, these improve the car’s handling performance, ride quality, stopping power, and brake pedal feel, for an aggregate transformative experience. Manthey states that the changes are intended to optimize the car for the race track, although customers seeking a more spirited street driving character will also benefit. The Kit certainly makes for good cars-and-coffee subject matter too, with the classically subtle yet impressive appearance it provides.

Clearly, Manthey has made sure that they respected what the GT3 Touring means to both Porsche and its customers alike. They’ve managed to instill the “MR” flair (and tangible performance benefits) that we’ve all come to love, to a platform where it would’ve been tempting to push the envelope a little further. Adding anything else on—like a big wing or overtly aggressive aerodynamic elements—would’ve been counterintuitive in this application. Those who wanted all of that fanfare would’ve got a 992 GT3 or GT3 RS for starters, of which Manthey has already produced, and is in the process of making an “MR” Kit for, respectively.

It’s very much one of those “if you know, you know” things when it comes to this iteration of the “MR” Kit—well played by Manthey, once again. It also sets an expectation going forward that the Touring and “MR” monikers don’t have to be mutually exclusive after all! As an OEM-endorsed motorsport affiliate, Manthey Racing parts are also available for purchase through the factory Porsche Tequipment catalogue and are similarly backed by manufacturer warranties. You can get more information about the new “MR” Kit for the 992-gen Porsche 911 GT3 Touring, at Manthey’s official website.

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