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McCall’s Motorworks Revival 2010

McCall’s Motorworks Revival 2010

One of the best ways to start the Monterey week is an afternoon at the Monterey Jet Center. Gordon McCall always brings together an impressive display of cars and provides a preview of the weekend ahead.

The jet and corporate aircraft, the vintage planes and helicopters, the classic, muscle cars, street rods, vintage sports cars and the creme de la creme of the exclusive new automotive brands, all the eclectic mix of motorized wizardry on display makes for a wonderful way to set the tone for this most festive week of automotive worship.

This year’s centerpiece included an F-18 Hornet in desert camouflage, two of the very best Shelby Mustangs and a Koenigsegg CCX up front. Not too far away was Steve McQueen’s XK-SS along with his old 1930 Pitcairn PA8 Mailwing.

We quickly photographed the Motorworks Revival before the crowd arrived on Wednesday night.