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McLaren F1 GTR driven by

Steve Sutcliffe drives the McLaren F1 GTR

We’ve raved about the McLaren F1 here at for years. It is by far our favorite supercar of all time. With an uncompromising approach to design, obsessive attention to stripping out weight, reducing drag and just about every other single detail you can imagine, it is the purest expression of what a supercar should be. Every millimetre of the F1 was deliberated to create the world’s most exhilarating car.

The naturally aspirated 6.1-litre, V12 BMW powerplant generated the highest power output for its size, and delivered over 620bhp. This much power creates a lot of heat. So the engine bay was lined with the best heat reflector available – pure gold.

To enhance performance, handling, braking and sheer driving feel, the F1 team knew they would have to minimise weight – everywhere. Lighter and stronger than aluminium, the F1 was the first road car with a carbon fibre chassis. Its weight-saving wheels were made from magnesium alloy. The supporting sub-structure was made from titanium. Even the toolkit, made from titanium, was 50% lighter than a steel kit.

20+ years on and we’re still in awe. That’s why we were excited to find this video. One of our favorite automotive journos Steve Sutcliffe gets his hands on a McLaren F1 GTR and spanks it on some country roads. Love it.

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