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New Details Of Mercedes-AMG One

Formula Project One

It’s about time Mercedes and AMG partnered up to bring us an official ‘hypercar’. With most major luxury car manufacturers producing low volume hypercars, it was only a matter of when/where Mercedes would show up to the party.

Back in 2018, we got to see the initial idea/concept of the AMG One, but with the passing of two years (ages in the world of car development), we have seen the AMG Project One take a new form.

With Mercedes AMG developing so much new technology for their Formula 1 team from MGU-K energy recovery to groundbreaking aero research, it only makes sense that the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE would have a ton of updates before officially launching.

With a final production model coming down the pipes, there are reports on many changes coming to the vehicle. Mercedes and AMG have been working hard to squeeze every ounce of power out of ‘Project One’ and with their R&D in F1 Hybrid engine design they have managed to crank 1200 horsepower out of the little 1.6 liter V6 Hybrid engine. 

They are reportedly working on reducing noise levels, ironed out some cold start issues, and bringing some aero updates to the car for deliveries that are expected to come in 2021.