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Completely New V12 Engine For The Lamborghini Aventador Successor

Lamborghini unveiled the latest model of the Aventador in the form of the 769 bhp LP 780-4 Ultimae special edition.

With its launch, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann hinted that this might be the last Lamborghini flagship supercar with non-electrified V12 engine.

It was also recently that the extremely exclusive and already sold-out Lamborghini Sian Roadster was revealed. It featured a naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12 engine which is not a surprise, but it is interesting to note that the Sian was given a hybrid system that provides additional power and improved efficiency.

The new Sian Roadster was also equipped with supercapacitor technology. This simply means that instead of the typical lithium-ion battery pack, the Sian is capable of storing more energy despite having the same weight. It is also capable of ‘symmetrical’ charging and discharging functionality.

Although not much has been revealed about the upcoming Aventador, Winkelmann did reveal to AutoBlog that the engine will be different from the engine of the recently announced limited-edition Sian as well as the latest Aventador. Winkelmann stated, “The technology is different, it’s a completely new engine, a completely new drivetrain, a new battery, everything is completely new. There’s nothing out of the Sián or out of the Aventador [in the next flagship].”

There will be some very familiar features though like the carbon fiber construction, active aerodynamic technology, four-wheel drive, and a four-wheel steering system.

In the same interview, Winkelmann revealed that for now, they will still be using non-electrified V12s for track-only cars, although nothing is set in stone. There is also no tentative date for now as to when the gasoline-electric hybrid will be released