Pagani Teases Brand New Supercar

A Strong Wind is Coming

As of yesterday morning (December 14th, 2020) the official Pagani Automobili Twitter account tweeted a mysterious video hinting at the unveiling of a new project.

The teaser video in question has a few hints for us, as well as an official date of December 17th presented at the end. The video begins with flashing lights over a carbon fiber panel with an airflow sensor bolted down to it. The airflow sensor says “CAUTION – Airflow Sensor – HANDLE WITH CARE”. This piece ties in with another hint given in the text body of the tweet as well: “we will celebrate Air Speed. Stay with us and hold on tight!”. Apparently, this has something to do with airspeed – but it’s not like Pagani is in the business of building aircraft meaning this machine must be insanely fast.

Pagani is no stranger to “airspeed”, though. The Zonda is named after a warm wind that blows over the pampas of Argentina and Huayra is a South American god of wind.

Another detail to take careful note of is the fact that we can hear the presence of an internal combustion engine as the backing-track to this video. There has been quite a bit of chatter about an upcoming EV Pagani build, but rest assured to our petrol-heads this upcoming project will definitely be jacked-up on race fuel.

More to come in a few days.