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Morgan CX-Generation

Several New Morgans Will be Based on the CX-Generation Aluminum Platform

Goodbye to the Steel Chassis 

Even if you don’t know much about Morgan cars you probably know that these cars use a steel chassis and wood frame. However, the company has several new models planned for 2020, and according to Carscoops, they will all feature the new CX-Generation aluminum platform that came out on the Plus Six earlier this year. 

The reason Morgan is going to use the CX-Generation platform on its new models likely comes down to the fact that the company wants to simplify. It’s tough to have multiple platforms to work with. Also, the CX-Generation platform is just better. It is twice as rigid as the previous aluminum chassis that Morgan had. 

Not all of the new models will feature the 3.0-liter straight-six. Some will have a smaller engine and Morgan says that at least one model will have a manual gearbox. Morgan will have more information about individual models at a later date. Until then, all we know that they will definitely have the new aluminum chassis, and we see this as a very good thing.