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This week we feature the ultimate Porsche road car. Not only is this a one-of, but it later became the driving force behind cars like the Carrera GT, Gemballa Mirage and 9ff GT9. Very little has been posted online about this model so it remains mysterious even after pouring over all the available information.

Most already know the Straßenversion or street-version was made to homologate Porsche’s 1998 race car which eventually won Le Mans. Due to the high cost of manufacture only one 1998 road-car was produced which Porsche currently retains. To put things into perspective the GT1 is nearly 600 lbs lighter than the Carrera GT.

In the past, we hoped to one day run into this singularity, but Porsche hasn’t been actively touring it. Instead we worked with Porsche to provide an in-depth look at this little known supercar. Special thanks are due to Laurance Yap and Porsche Archives for their assistance.