Style & Reliability: Four Cars That Offer Both

Getting to where you need to go is why you have a car. You rely on it to get you around from day to day. And you will be pretty much stuck if your car breaks down on you out of the blue. That’s what could easily happen to you if you choose a car that isn’t capable of doing the job properly

However, it’s not just reliability that is important here. Just because you want to get around in a car that is reliable, that doesn’t mean that you don’t also want to drive a car that looks great. Your car should offer a unique style. Here are four great cars that can do both things.

  1. Honda Civic

The Honda Civic might not strike you as a car that is breaking the mold in terms of design. But when you place it next to other modern hatchbacks, it’s quite clear that it has the edge. It looks more dynamic and aesthetically pleasing than any other vehicle in its class. On top of that, it’s a car that is considered more reliable than most other hatchbacks. The high build quality of the car is now indisputable.

  1. Volkswagen Beetle

The Volkswagen brand is still one of the most beloved and respected in the world. The world of car-making revolves around Germany, and this brand is one of the country’s very best. If you ask me, the new Volkswagen Beetle is the most reliable and stylish of their vehicles. Of course, Beetle purists who prefer the old model are never going to be won over. But for most honest, modern drivers, the style that this car offers is fantastic. It won’t let you down either, so it’s a car that’s worth considering.

  1. Lexus IS

Lexus is by now recognised as the most reliable car brand currently active in the market. There is no other car with such a strong reputation. And of all the cars that the company has designed and manufactured, none is better than the Lexus IS. It’s not just about reliability, however. The cabin’s interior details and features are also very strong indeed. When you sit inside a Lexus IS, you feel like you are experiencing a luxury car, except the price is much lower. The exterior looks great too. The dynamic yet understated design features are sure to keep any stylish driver satisfied.

  1. Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is a stunning vehicle that anyone would be lucky to drive. It’s also an electric car, meaning that you can save a lot of money on fuel if that’s something you find important. There are not many electric cars that offer this level of style and design craft. It’s in a league of its own. It relies on a very simple but effective battery setup, and maybe that’s why the car is so reliable. There is nothing too complicated or over the top about the way it functions. It simply does what it needs to do very well indeed.