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The Porsche Vision Turismo Forged The Path for the Taycan

Porsche Taycan V0.5

There sure a lot of amazing ‘Porsche Vision’ concepts are finding their way to the surfaces this week, this ‘Vision Turismo’ is no exception.

If you went back in time to 2010 and told a younger version of me that Porsche would have a zero-emissions EV car in 2020 I would laugh in your face. The Porsche brand is almost synonymous with their flat-six cylinder gasoline engines, but all great things must come to an end. Even greater things adapt and evolve, just like this Vision Turismo concept managed to.

This big 4-door EV sedan concept is really something else. Michael Mauer – chief designer at Porsche – saw a sketch of the 918 hypercar on the drawing board and had to do a ‘double-take’, because at first glance it looked like it had four doors due to the way the drawing was proportioned. That is the origin story for this bad-ass EV hypercar sedan concept.

The idea initially never got beyond visual design, as the team was hard-pressed to figure out if they wanted to have a mid or rear-mounted engine. When in doubt, shove an electric motor in, I guess; because that’s exactly what the team did. Why flip a two-sided coin when there is always a third option anyway? This was the moment Porsche began putting pen-to-paper, with designs of the Taycan beginning to come into the foreground.

“In view of the question of the proportions and the emergence of the topic of electric mobility, we discovered that the idea could be realized even better with a purely electric powertrain,” said Mauer.